Portable Lecturn with built-in speakers



R600 features heavy-duty luggage latches, a single channel 14 watt amplifier, four 4-inch built-in speakers, microphone and reading lamp. The R600 features one lectern microphone input, two auxiliary microphone inputs with independent volume control, and one combination auxiliary input and output for tape recorders, CD players, etc. An on/off switch and battery condition meter, complete the controls and switches provided.

14-Watt Amplifier
Microphone, Speakers and Reading Light

The R600 is an ideal, all-in-one public address system for medium sized groups of up to 600.
Heavy-duty reinforced enclosure makes the R600 a reliable choice for rigorous use on the road.
Built-In reading lamp makes it ideal for lectures, house-of-worship application and more.
Internal 14-watt amplifier with built-in speakers.
Input and output for tape recorders, CD players, etc.
Battery status meter is provided.
Two extra microphone inputs with independent volume control.


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