Basic Tent Information

Important details when booking a tent:

-What kind of surface is it going on? Grass/pavement/gravel?
-If grass, are there sprinklers, underground electric/plumbing, leaching field?
-How many people? How many to a table? Round or Rectangles?
-DJ or Band? Bands take up much more space than a DJ. Would the band need a stage?
-Will you need lights? Sides? Heat?
-Will you be having a head table? or a sweetheart table?
-Cake Table? Gift Table? Place Cards?
-Dance Floor?



There is no real set way to determine the size tent you will need by guests attending. Every table,
chair, and other take up space, in order to determine the square footage available. We do our best
to have your tent set up, up to 2-3 days prior to your event and to have it down within 2-3 days after.


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